Fuel cell

With the development of the automotive industry, new energy technologies are unstoppable, and its safety and reliability as a supporting fuel cell is a top priority issue. Traditional anti-corrosion materials can no longer meet all requirements, as the most reliable contemporary protective coating Parylene has become its exclusive choice.


By using Parylene coating, environmental protection can be achieved without big physical loading on the sensitive sensor. Precision sensor components must be able to operate under the required environmental conditions, while Parylene coatings provide long-lasting protection against moisture, solvents and other contaminants.


Parylene's static and dynamic friction coefficients are very low (0.25 ~ 0.3), close to PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), can significantly reduce the surface wear of the product, coupled with the processing properties of other materials, which can’t be achieved, so that a good dry lubrication effect, excellent isolation performance, and increased product sealing performance to improve the safety factor.


Parylene not only keeps the car LED light away from moisture, corrosion and ultra-thin, uniform, light weight and prolongs the life of the car LED, and increases the stability of quality.