Obeying the law

ZASEN strictly abides by the national enterprise law, labor law and other relevant laws and regulations, pays various taxes in accordance with national standards. Actively participating in various social activities, exerting its own strength to enhance the local economic and cultural level, so as to promote social and economic development.

Integrity Management

ZASEN insists on providing high-quality products and services, strictly abides by the agreement with customers, suppliers and related parties, and demands itself with the high standards of the top 500 customers to continuously improve the service quality.

Continuous Innovation

ZASEN is committed to the research and development of Parylene, respecting and protecting intellectual property rights, striving to improve its own level, and try hard to become the world-class Parylene service provider with high-quality.

Protect the employees

ZASEN provides employees with higher salary than national standard; respects human rights and privacy, never discriminates against employees based on their geographical, age, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, etc. Improving employee training management and continuously improve their own skills and management capabilities.

Environmental Protection

ZASEN adheres to sustainable development and pays close attention to saving resources. Using energy-saving and emission-reducing electrical equipment, promoting resource reuse, and promoting employees' awareness of environmental protection.

Safe Production

ZASEN has improved and complied with relevant regulations and rules on occupations and safety. The company has obtained the standardization certificate for safety production to ensure that employees can work in safe and comfortable environment.