Ribber Plug

Parylene is approved by the US FDA to improve surface lubricity, biocompatibility and reliability. With extreme chemical inertness, acid and alkali resistance and all organic solvents, the coating grows outward from the surface of the substrate to form a uniform thickness coating. This extremely thin and uniform property also improves the sealing of the product.


The static and dynamic friction coefficients of Parylene are very low, which can greatly reduce the wear of the product surface, good dry lubrication effect, excellent isolation performance, and increase the sealing performance and stability of the sealing ring.

Medical Catheter

Parylene is resistant to any strong acid, strong alkali and solvent at room temperature, and can effectively inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria on the surface, and has good thermal stability and chemical stability, so it can withstand common sterilization methods (high pressure sterilization, radiation sterilization, oxidative sterilization) without affecting performance, good dry lubrication is therefore particularly suitable for medical applications.