Parylene coating has excellent electrical properties, dielectric properties, low dielectric loss and high dielectric strength. At the same time, it has excellent mechanical properties, high mechanical strength and low friction coefficient. It can not only provide insulation but also eliminate the damage caused by friction.

Micromotor Assembly

The Parylene coating is spontaneously formed on the element at room temperature and does not need to be solidified by heating or applied to the substrate above room temperature. High mechanical strength, low friction coefficient, ultra-thin and uniformity make Parylene the best protective material for these advanced assembly methods.


The Parylene coating provides dielectric insulation for the magnetic core, avoids electrical losses, and does not change the actual volume; it also reinforces the surface of ferrite and molded metal parts by removing dust and contamination


The thin and uniform thickness of the Parylene coating allows the winding device to maintain the largest winding window and has sufficient coating thickness at the corners to greatly improve performance parameters. The coating grows outward from the surface of the substrate to form a uniform coating that is dense and pinhole-free about 1 micron. Since the Parylene coating is formed at room temperature, it is possible to prevent stress problems caused by thermal expansion at the time of curing.