20 Reasons

1.Superior Moisture Barrier

2.Thin Film Dielectric

3. Low Mass / Non Stressing

4.Truly Conformal

5.No Measurable Outgassing (Approved for Space)

6.Meets MIL I-46058C for Conformal Coating(Type XY)

7.Bio Compatible, Meets FDA Class VI

8.Meets NBC Requirements (AR70/AFR80-38/NAVINST 3400.2)

9.Dry Film Lubricant

10.UL Listed (Coatings for use on Recognized PWB's)

11.Provides High Reliability

12.Excellent Throwing Power (Coats Under SMD'S)

13.Particle Lock Down

14.Easy Repairability

15.Tumble, Static or Fixture Coat

16.Seals Ceramic Substrate

17.Prevents Dendrite Growth

18.Reduced Corona Discharge

19.Optical Coating

20.Colorless / UV Tracer Can Be Added


Application Examples:

  During the Gulf War, the electronic circuits such as airborne radar on advanced military aircraft such as the US F-16 used Parylene as a protective coating.

  The aircraft air anti-collision antenna manufactured by Honeywell Company of the United States increases its life by ten times with Parylene protection.

  The aircraft black box manufactured by L-3 Communications Corp. has a condition of -55 ° C - +85 ° C, 8 ° C / min, 100% RH alternating heat and humidity, 6 GRMS vibration for 30 days. The screening results selected the best performance of the Parylene from three protective coating material