Zasen R&D Center has been adhering to the professional and targeted research and development based on the needs of customers' products. Up to now, our senior technical engineers  have achieved many gratifying achievements.

Lubricity - ZASEN coated medical consumables enter the EU market

Domestic medical consumables have not only tried and researched and cooperated with ZASEN Parylene, breaking the monopoly of foreign countries and successfully entering the EU market.

Moisture resistance - passed two months salt water test

ZASEN coated circuit board, after 2 months of salt water soaking and power-on test, the circuit board still works well.

Salt spray resistance - ZASEN passed the German 480H salt spray test

The magnetic materials coated by ZASEN, the customer commissioned the German laboratory test after 480 hours salt spray test is still as clean and new, and recognized and trusted by German customers.

Thermal Stability - ZASEN reduced gas release from 176ppm to 1.2ppm

In 2013, the gas release from reflow of the metal material coated by ZASEN was 176ppm. After continuous research, reduced to 1.2ppm , recognized and trusted by Japanese customer.