Quality Management

ZASEN believe in the quality is the life of the company, and even the final fate of the company. Therefore, quality first has always been the corporate law of ZASEN's strict compliance. We pay attention to the quality of products, strictly abide by the quality commitment of customers, and even far exceed customer standards, merit your trust!

Quality management

Quality department of ZASEN is equipped with advanced testing instruments to meet the inspection requirements of all stages. professional and experienced quality personnel escort the products.

Customer trust and certification

ZASEN has provided processing services for top electronics industry customers for more than 9 years and has zero complaints. Many famous Japanese enterprises Category A suppliers.


ZASEN has been adhering to the strict high standards of product quality. At present, ZASEN Parylene has passed UL certification, SGS testing, certificates and reports are detailed in Library.


In the early 2018, ZASEN completed the ISO-2015 revision, and in March 2018 obtained the ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 certificate after version change.